If you’re a responsible driver, you should be rewarded

When you take something seriously, you treat it with care. Your car is just one example. Now, whether your vehicle represents freedom, movement, productivity or achievement in this stage of your life, we take it – and you – seriously. What’s more, the older you are, the less you should pay. Enjoy cover for your vehicle that comes with added benefits to suit your needs and lifestyle.


Available Cover


Cover add-ons

Scratch & dent

Restore your cherished four-wheeled possession to its original splendour without having to submit a car and home insurance claim.

Tyre & rim

Regrettably, encountering a pothole is sometimes unavoidable. What was once considered optional has now become a vital necessity for every South African.

Service Plan

Secure uninterrupted service cover, preventing unexpected costs when your current service plan expires. Also available if you don’t have a service plan currently.


Excess choices

Everyone is different. That’s why, at IntegriSure, excesses are choice- and risk-
dependent, to help you to manage your monthly premium. It’s up to you.

Credit shortfall

In situations where a vehicle is stolen or written off, and you owe your vehicle
finance institution more than it was worth, you’ll be covered for the difference.


Car hire

Life goes on, whether or not your repair is completed. Choose from seamless car
hire options ranging from 30 to 45 days and select your preferred class of vehicle.

Pre-Owned Mechanical breakdown warranty

When your car unexpectedly breaks down, it is distressing. But fear not. This cover provides a safety net, ensuring the repair or replacement of various components.



This option offers premium discounts for low-mileage drivers (under 15,000 km per year). We adjust your rate based on your expected annual kilometres, saving you money.

Extended cover for 4x4 vehicles

Shield your 4×4 gear and accessories as you embark on adventures. You may also extend this blanket cover to include caravans and trailers.

Included Benefits

Helping you navigate
life’s risk and obstacles

To give you a helping hand, both on and off the road, we’ve packaged essential non-insurance products together for you, including:

  • Roadside assistance

    Get your vehicle safely towed with a single call to the dedicated 24/7 assistance line.

  • Trip monitor

    Use our helpline to stay in regular telephonic contact until you reach your destination.

  • Discounts

    Get special pricing on wheel alignment, balancing and other fitment services at Tiger Wheel & Tyre and Tyres & More branches across South Africa.

  • Advice & insights

    Be in the know with helpful and timely risk management tips, trends, alerts and warnings.

  • E-services

    View your portfolio, request changes, and track the progress of your claim any time and from anywhere, by using the IntegriSure Self-Service Portal.


Any questions?

The easiest way to lower your car insurance premium is to choose a higher excess. Your IntegriSure insurance expert can explain the options and costs.

Yes, to an extent. Excesses are choice- and risk-dependent. You can increase your excess and pay a lower monthly premium or you can decrease your excess and increase the monthly premium you pay.

No. There is no standard for comprehensive insurance cover. For example, some insurers include hail cover; some do not. Your best bet is to examine a side-by-side comparison of different products with your IntegriSure insurance expert, who will advise you on the right comprehensive cover to meet your needs.

Not if the repair has been authorised by us beforehand. However, an excess will be payable if the windscreen has to be replaced.

There’s a common misconception that the vehicle value is the only deciding factor determining a premium. Other factors include the cost of repairing your vehicle, the exchange rate (which affects the cost of replacement parts), and even weakening infrastructure. Therefore, repair and replacement cost outweighs the decreasing value of your standard vehicle. As your broker, we automatically adjust vehicle values with our insurance partners annually.

Still unsure? We’d love to introduce ourselves.

Our philosophy is not based on obligation. We’d love to compare your existing insurance policy and highlight how to really get the best fit for you.