Safeguard your home: building to contents

You’re covered, inside and out, when you get home insurance cover through IntegriSure. This is because we understand what’s important to you and your family: the building itself, what’s inside it and the valuable items you carry with you daily. In the event of loss or damage, our highest priority is getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible for you.


Available Cover


Cover add-ons

Power surge protection

Get cover to protect household contents and buildings against sudden increases or dips in electrical current. You decide how much you wish to be covered for.


Mechanical, electrical and electronic breakdown cover

Unexpected appliance breakdowns can disrupt, inconvenience, and strain finances. This essential cover extends to items not covered under home insurance.

Accidental damage

Don’t get caught off-guard with sudden or unexpected damage in and around your house to machinery of swimming pools, boreholes, solar power systems and more.

Subsidence and landslip

Unexpected ground movement can wreak havoc on structures on your property. This cover will help you to rebuild.

Included Benefits

Helping you navigate
life’s risk and obstacles

When you’re over 50, it helps to have assistance with certain issues, to avoid unnecessary hassle and headaches. You have access to:

  • Round-the-clock telephonic assistance for medical emergencies and advice.
  • Appliance maintenance options, including repair support.
  • The IntegriSure Self-Service Portal, where you can view your portfolio, request changes and track progress of your claim.
  • Risk management tips, trends, alerts, warnings and even weather updates.

Any questions?

Household contents are all the things that would fall out if your house was turned upside down and shaken; that is, items that are not fixed. But items fixed to the building, like the roof, security gates, pipes, geysers and cables, and fixtures like solar panels, inverters and batteries, are covered under building cover.

When underinsured, you are covered for less than it will cost to rebuild your property or replace your possessions and will therefore only be reimbursed for a portion of your loss. Granted, your premiums may be lower, but you’re at risk of serious financial loss if you claim. We recommend regularly updating the rebuilding cost of your property, the inventory of your household contents and the replacement values thereof.

Yes. Although minimum excesses do apply in certain circumstances, agreeing to pay higher excesses on specific items can significantly lower your monthly premiums.

Yes, but only if you are able to completely cover a loss out of your own pocket. Alternatively, we suggest that you volunteer to pay a larger excess instead because this will reduce your monthly premium.

Being in a secure estate does not automatically mean fewer security requirements, because these requirements are also affected by the risk rating of the area you live in. We suggest that you discuss this with your IntegriSure insurance expert.

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Our philosophy is not based on obligation. We’d love to compare your existing insurance policy and highlight how to really get the best fit for you.