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We have dedicated 25 years in Insurance to one thing – knowing our clients. No two of our clients over 50, are alike, are they? We believe a script selling just one product, or a rigid system could never quite get it. We invest in personal relationships, built on trust.



Your Private Broker

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ready to help.

Imagine an experienced partner, you know, on standby, for when life’s glitches occur. At IntegriSure, you could qualify for a Dedicated or Private broker. Bypass every call centre you’ve experienced until now – and get the help you need, with just a single call, e-mail or WhatsApp.

This is the unique advantage of building a relationship with an experienced Dedicated or Private broker who knows you and has all you need at his fingertips.


Our clients’ feedback helps to shape us.

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Our philosophy is not based on obligation. We’d love to compare your existing insurance policy and highlight how to really get the best fit for you, at your age.

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