Lighten the load for your loved ones

It is always difficult to say farewell to a cherished one. During these challenging times, planning a fitting farewell can feel like an intricate puzzle. And, as if that’s not enough, the maze of unexpected costs, administrative and legal requirements (like estates and duties) and the need for professional assistance can add to the complexity. We understand the importance of lightening the load for your loved ones.


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Any questions?

No. The funeral cash plan is a cash payment to the nominated beneficiary. The beneficiary may use the funds to cover expenses related to a funeral or any other unforeseen expenditure that may occur when a loved one passes.

Yes. South African law allows you to have more than one funeral policy.

We aim to pay out valid claims within two business days of receiving all relevant documents. As proceeds are received outside the deceased estate, money can be made immediately available, provided that a beneficiary has been nominated. All claims must be submitted within six months of the date of passing.

If you choose the annual escalation option, your benefits will increase by 4% and your premiums by 8% each time your policy gets renewed.

Yes. You can cover up to two domestic workers.

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