The easiest way to lower your car insurance premium is to choose a higher excess. Your IntegriSure insurance expert can explain the options and costs.

No. There is no standard for comprehensive insurance cover. For example, some insurers include hail cover; some do not. Your best bet is to examine a side-by-side comparison of different products with your IntegriSure insurance expert, who will advise you on the right comprehensive cover to meet your needs.

Yes, to an extent. Excesses are choice- and risk-dependent. You can increase your excess and pay a lower monthly premium or you can decrease your excess and increase the monthly premium you pay.

Not if the repair has been authorised by us beforehand. However, an excess will be payable if the windscreen has to be replaced.

There’s a common misconception that the vehicle value is the only deciding factor determining a premium. Other factors include the cost of repairing your vehicle, the exchange rate (which affects the cost of replacement parts), and even weakening infrastructure. Therefore, repair and replacement cost outweighs the decreasing value of your standard vehicle. As your broker, we automatically adjust vehicle values with our insurance partners annually.

Yes. Some of our insurers’ offerings do include pay-as-you-drive cover options, where your premium is based on the number of kilometres you are likely to travel.

We insure your vehicle for its retail value (which includes the value of all factory-fitted accessories), so anything you add to it afterwards must be specified. If not, and the vehicle is written off or stolen, you’ll only be compensated for the retail value. And, in the event of an accident, the cost to repair uninsured accessories will be excluded from the accident repair costs.

This covers the difference between what your vehicle is worth and what you owe your financial institution. It ensures that, in the event of a total loss through accident or theft, you’re completely covered.

In most cases, yes. But different insurers have varying conditions for this, so check your policy documents or ask your IntegriSure insurance expert to clarify its terms for you. For example, a higher excess may apply if an inexperienced driver or a person who is not your spouse is driving your car when damage or loss occurs

If your vehicle is used to generate income for you - for example when you see clients - this is classified as business use. But commuting to and from work does not count as business use.

For your own comfort, it is a good idea to add car hire for the same class of vehicle you currently drive, although various classes are available at different price points. We offer car hire for up to 30 or up to 45 days.
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Household contents are all the things that would fall out if your house was turned upside down and shaken; that is, items that are not fixed. But items fixed to the building, like the roof, security gates, pipes, geysers and cables, and fixtures like solar panels, inverters and batteries, are covered under building cover.

When underinsured, you are covered for less than it will cost to rebuild your property or replace your possessions and will therefore only be reimbursed for a portion of your loss. Granted, your premiums may be lower, but you’re at risk of serious financial loss if you claim. We recommend regularly updating the rebuilding cost of your property, the inventory of your household contents and the replacement values thereof.

Yes. Although minimum excesses do apply in certain circumstances, agreeing to pay higher excesses on specific items can significantly lower your monthly premiums.

Yes, but only if you are able to completely cover a loss out of your own pocket. Alternatively, we suggest that you volunteer to pay a larger excess instead because this will reduce your monthly premium.

Being in a secure estate does not automatically mean fewer security requirements, because these requirements are also affected by the risk rating of the area you live in. We suggest that you discuss this with your IntegriSure insurance expert.

Accidental damage cover exists to protect against damage outside of the traditional insurance perils. For example, if you move an appliance to clean a counter, and you drop and break the appliance by accident, you’re covered.

This optional cover is handy for the unforeseen breakdown of items in the building or contents section of your policy, due to sudden mechanical, electrical or electronic failure. Ask your IntegriSure insurance expert which fixed machinery and appliances can be covered.

When an item is used daily, as intended, its condition tends to decline over time. This is wear and tear. Household insurance covers the cost of repairing sudden, unforeseen and accidental damage of items, rather than damage caused by something breaking, wearing out, failing due to inadequate maintenance or degrading naturally.

Unspecified all-risk cover protects the items that you wear on your person daily. You can specify a limit that will cover a loss. In contrast, specified all-risk cover protects items that you specify that are valued beyond the limit of your unspecified cover, like jewellery. Items like cell phones, smart watches, tablets and laptops also have to be specified, even if their value is below R1 000.

Yes, you will be covered worldwide. You don’t need to advise us of any international travels.

We recommend that you don’t. We see evidence every day that things go wrong when people least expect them to. Insurance is designed to protect your valuables against unexpected events, and you should aim to enjoy permanent peace of mind.

Any portable item that is not kept on you on a regular basis, but that is outside your home, can be specified. We strongly suggest specifying expensive items and specialised sporting equipment, to make sure they’re thoroughly covered.

If you are comprehensively insured, and the damage is due to a single burst geyser event, rather than prolonged lack of maintenance, you’re covered.

Yes. It is a common misconception that your building insurance must be placed with the financial institution you are bonded to. All that’s required is that the property be insured, that you have proof of this cover available and that the cover is active.

Discounts are not applied for standard security measures like burglar bars and an electric fence, but discounts could be available if your dwelling has a 24-hour alarm linked to armed response or if you live in a secure complex with 24-hour guarded access control.

It depends on the type of business you run from home. If you are a full-time employee and your employer has a work-from-home policy, no. But if you operate a manufacturing, stock storage, or child care business; if clients visit your home; or if you have permanent employees working from your home, speak to an IntegriSure insurance expert to determine your risk.

Yes. This optional cover is intended to protect you against damage caused by a sudden variation of voltage magnitude or a power spike in any electrical system. This cover does not extend to grid failure.

In the unfortunate event of a break-in, please contact your IntegriSure insurance expert. A guard can be temporarily appointed while repairs to items like doors are underway.

Loss of data is not covered, but providing the IMEI number can help to fast-track a claim if you lose or damage your device.
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Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting individuals and their businesses to steal funds or identities. No matter how good your technical knowledge, the cyber criminals know more than you do. So if you go online for any kind of activity, you’re at risk of exploitation and should take measures to cover potential losses.

No you cannot. At IntegriSure we offer cyber insurance as part of our car and home options as we believe comprehensive cover should include cyber insurance.

You can enjoy basic cover from less than R2 per day, while a comprehensive package that covers you, your spouse or partner, and up to 3 children, will cost around R4 per day.

Always be aware of the latest trends in online criminal behaviour. Ensure that you only deal with reputable online businesses and avoid any suspicious-looking invitations to supply personal or financial details. Look out for secure messages from your bank, about phishing or specific scams.

These are great security measures and they’re highly recommended. But they don’t protect you, your spouse or your children against exploitation when scammers are able to access personal or financial information.

No. The funeral cash plan is a cash payment to the nominated beneficiary. The beneficiary may use the funds to cover expenses related to a funeral or any other unforeseen expenditure that may occur when a loved one passes.

Yes. South African law allows you to have more than one funeral policy.

We aim to pay out valid claims within two business days of receiving all relevant documents. As proceeds are received outside the deceased estate, money can be made immediately available, provided that a beneficiary has been nominated. All claims must be submitted within six months of the date of passing.

If you choose the annual escalation option, your benefits will increase by 4% and your premiums by 8% each time your policy gets renewed.

Yes. You can cover up to two domestic workers.

An insured person must be 80 years old or younger, when the policy is taken out.
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Yes. When you have business insurance cover through IntegriSure, you also have a dedicated account manager who is responsible for overseeing your portfolio. In addition to being available to handle any queries or issues, your account manager will ensure that you’re aware of the latest, most suitable product options out there.

At IntegriSure we take the time to understand your business and its inner workings. This enables us to provide various cover options and recommend the most suitable products for your specific needs. But we do need your help in one respect; namely, keeping us informed of any changes that may affect your risk exposure.

Yes. We know that no business can afford downtime and we strongly advise business owners to include this essential cover in a business insurance portfolio.

As quickly as possible. As your broker, we oversee the handling of your claim alongside the insurer’s claims executive. Because we are involved at every stage, we’re able to apply the necessary pressure, while keeping you up to date.