The threat and frequency of cybercrime is on the increase as illustrated by the attack using WannaCry ransomware. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, and attacks no longer occur as isolated incidents. The threat of cybercrime is global, cuts across sectors, and is rapidly growing.

As a trusted insurance broker, we believe we have a duty to make you aware and advise you of the precautions that can be taken to mitigate the risks of cyberattacks. In addition, we need to ensure that you have the relevant information to make informed decisions to protect your business. Simple steps towards better cybersecurity include the following:

  • Conduct regular cyber and data risk assessments of your business systems, processes and practices.
  • Audit the type of data your organisation deals with, and classify it according to various levels of sensitivity.
  • Implement policies to appropriately manage the data. These may include data encryption, secure passwords, effective ransomware programs and anti-virus software.
  • Educate your employees on their personal obligations to protect company data, and sensitise them to the risks and precautions.
  • Implement systems to track unauthorised access, and periodically test your own systems as well as those of vendors to check for vulnerabilities or potential security breaches.

Cybercrime is no longer a question of whether your business will face a data or security breach, but rather when, and whether you will be able to fend off an attack. That is why IntegriSure Business provides cyber-risk and liability cover solutions to ensure that cybercrime does not bring your business to a grinding halt. There is no longer any reason to be unprotected.