Engineering, construction and mining are the foundation of most economies. While you work on the economy, let us work on protecting you against the risks specific to your environment. We’ll ensure that you are covered against the risks that can bring operations to a halt.


How we can help
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Engineering, Construction and Mining are the building blocks of economies, as they play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability. Companies such as yours can improve the performances of other businesses. As you contribute to shaping the economy, allow us to focus on ensuring your operations are covered against potential risks. Our commitment is to ensure that you are correctly covered, shielding you from the threats that could otherwise bring your essential operations to a halt. Let us be your dedicated partner in ensuring your success while you build and grow our economy.

  • Access to a Dedicated Account Executive 24/7

    Your engineering business deserves the best. Benefit from personalised service, expert advice, and tailored solutions delivered by your dedicated account executive.

  • Insurer Options

    Explore a diverse range of specialist insurers and product offerings, ensuring you get quality cover options for your specific needs.

  • Efficient Claims Envoy

    As your envoy, we ensure efficient and seamless claims handling, minimising downtime and facilitating a swift recovery process.

  • Tailor-Made Insurance Solutions

    Get tailored insurance solutions designed specifically for your unique risk management requirements.

  • Specialised Risk Assessments

    We assist in conducting a risk assessment to help you identify and manage potential hazards and uncertainties, safeguarding your operations and ensuring sustainable success.


Cover options available to you

Don’t see what you need? Reach out to one of our dedicated accounts executives for personalised advice and products tailored to your specific needs.

Contract Risks, Public Liability, Machinery Breakdown

Comprehensive cover for contract-related risks, public liability events, and machinery breakdowns to secure your operations.

Deterioration of Stock, Dismantling Transit and Erection

Protect against stock deterioration and cover for dismantling, transit, and erection processes to ensure smooth project execution.

Plant All-Risks, Loss of Profits, Accounts Receivable

Safeguard your plant assets, mitigate profit loss, and cover outstanding receivables for a resilient business strategy.


Fidelity, Business All-Risks, Accidental Damage

Shield against employee dishonesty, cover all business risks comprehensively and protect against accidental damages to maintain business continuity.

Contractors Liability, Reduction in Turnover, Group Personal Accident

Cover public liability events, reduce turnover risks, and protect your workforce with group personal accident cover.

Legal Liability, Business Interruption, Employers Liability

Address legal liabilities, mitigate business interruptions, and ensure protection against employer-related risks for a secure business environment

Don’t see what you need? Reach out to one of our dedicated accounts executives for personalised advice and products tailored to your specific needs.


Any questions?

Machinery breakdown cover addresses the financial impact of unexpected failures in essential machinery, ensuring quick repairs or replacements to minimise downtime and maintain operational efficiency.

Contract risks and public liability cover provides financial protection against construction-related risks and the legal liabilities associated in addition to that.

Business Interruption insurance is crucial as it covers the unpredictable loss of earnings or increased cost of working of a business, which could happen after an incident occurs.

The more unique your services, the more tailored your cover should be. Whether you’re looking for insurance on a contingency fund, exploring self-insurance options, requiring a customised solution that is not readily available elsewhere, we excel in tailoring risk solutions to precisely meet your needs. Contact us, and we will provide the appropriate advice, tailor-fitted to your unique requirements.

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