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If property is your business, we help you protect it. Whether it is a complex run by a body corporate, a house that you occupy or rent out, or an office building you own or occupy – we have the insurance solution to help you cover your property against all possible risks.

BUSINESS INSURANCE | Body Corporates & Managing Agents

How we can help
your business

Your foremost duty lies in safeguarding the properties under your care. With over 27% of residential properties in South Africa forming part of section titles, we understand that whether you are managing a complex governed by a body corporate or overseeing an estate as a managing agent, you need to secure insurance products customised to offer comprehensive cover, ensuring protection against all potential risks such as damages and liability.

  • Access to a Dedicated Account Executive 24/7

    Your body corporate deserves excellence. Benefit from personalised service, expert advice, and tailored solutions delivered by your dedicated account executive.

  • Insurer Options

    Explore a diverse range of specialist insurers and product offerings, ensuring you get quality cover options for your body corporates specific needs.

  • Efficient Claims Envoy

    As your envoy, we ensure efficient and seamless claims handling, minimising downtime and facilitating a swift recovery process.

  • Tailor-Made Insurance Solutions

    Get tailored insurance solutions designed specifically for your unique risk management requirements.

  • Specialised Risk Assessments

    We assist in conducting a risk assessment to help you identify and manage potential hazards and uncertainties, safeguarding your operations and ensuring sustainable success.


Do you manage
the following?

  • Complexes

  • Retirement Villages

  • Community or Body Corporate Schemes

  • Estate living


Cover options available to you

Don’t see what you need? Reach out to one of our dedicated accounts executives for personalised advice and products tailored to your specific needs.


Comprehensive protection against a wide array of risks, offering peace of mind with all-encompassing cover for your property, assets, and liabilities.


Accidental Damage

Safeguard properties against unexpected mishaps with cover for accidental damage, ensuring repairs or replacements without significant financial burden.


Protect your assets and address legal obligations with liability cover, ensuring financial security and compliance in the face of unforeseen events.

Trustees’ Liability

Cover specifically designed to protect trustees, addressing potential legal liabilities and ensuring financial security in managing property affairs.

Burst Geysers and Malicious Damage

Cover for burst geysers and malicious damage, offering financial protection against unexpected incidents that could disrupt the integrity of buildings.


Cover focused specifically on the layout of solar system installations and the responsible party of each unit, a tailor-made solution can be structured.

Don’t see what you need? Reach out to one of our dedicated accounts executives for personalised advice and products tailored to your specific needs.


Any questions?

Provided the cover was elected, a 24/7 emergency service will arrange for the necessary repairs and replacement with COC.

It depends on the rules of the homeowners association. Solar panels and inverter equipment can be included in the building section of the policy, offering protection against damages or losses. It’s important to discuss specific cover details with us to ensure comprehensive protection for alternative power installations.

Malicious damage cover safeguards properties against intentional harm caused by vandalism or mischief. It provides financial protection for repairs or replacements, ensuring properties remain secure and functional.

The more unique your services, the more tailored your cover should be. Whether you’re looking for insurance on a contingency fund, exploring self-insurance options,  or requiring a customised solution that is not readily available elsewhere, we excel in tailoring risk solutions to precisely meet your needs. Contact us, and we will provide the appropriate advice, tailor-fitted to your unique requirements.

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Our philosophy is not based on obligation. We’d love to compare your existing insurance policy and highlight how to really get the best fit for you.