Our farmers are the heartbeat of our nation, putting food on our plates. As a farmer, your time is spent running your business. There is no time to call around and collect and compare quotes. So, leave it to us to find you the right cover to protect your farm.


How we can help
your business

Farmers, the heroes and heartbeat of our nation, tirelessly sustain South Africa with their produce by contributing nearly 10% to the country’s total earnings. Acknowledging your vital role, we recognise that your time is best invested in farming rather than on the phone comparing insurance quotes. As your dedicated broker, we shoulder the responsibility of sourcing specialised insurance cover for your farm. With over 96 million hectares of agricultural land and vastly different agriculture commodities, we understand that every farm has unique challenges, especially considering the frequency of severe weather incidents. Our commitment is to provide risk-mitigating solutions to safeguard your livelihood. Partner with us, and together, let’s chart the future of your farm.

  • Access to a Dedicated Account Executive 24/7

    Your farm deserves excellence. Benefit from personalised service, expert advice, and tailored solutions delivered by your dedicated account executive.

  • Insurer Options

    Explore a diverse range of specialist insurers and product offerings, ensuring you get quality cover options for your farm’s specific needs.

  • Efficient Claims Envoy

    As your envoy, we ensure efficient and seamless claims handling, minimising downtime and facilitating a swift recovery process.

  • Tailor-Made Insurance Solutions

    Get tailored insurance solutions designed specifically for your unique risk management requirements.

  • Specialised Risk Assessments

    We assist in conducting a risk assessment to help you identify and manage potential hazards and uncertainties, safeguarding your operations and ensuring sustainable success.


Do you have
the following?

  • Farms and Storage Buildings

  • Livestock

  • Farm Equipment

  • Crops

  • Liability Cover

  • Goods and Cargo in Transit.


Cover options available to you

Don’t see what you need? Reach out to one of our dedicated accounts executives for personalised advice and products tailored to your specific needs.

Fire, Storm, Wind, Water and Hail

Protect your agricultural investments against the uncertainties of nature. We are ensuring resilience in the face of nature-related risks.

Uncontrollable Plant Diseases and Pests

Cover your farm against losses due to uncontrollable plant diseases and pest infestations.


Protect your farm implements and assets with cover against theft, minimising financial setbacks and ensuring continuity in your operations.

Machinery Breakdown

Safeguard essential farm machinery against unexpected breakdowns, minimising downtime and ensuring seamless operations.


Business Interruption

Mitigate financial disruptions caused by unforeseen events, ensuring continuity in your farming operations despite unexpected setbacks.

Accidental Damage

Cover your farm’s assets for accidental damage, providing a safety net against unforeseen incidents.


Personal Accident, Group Personal Accident, and Stated Benefits Cover

Prioritise the well-being of your workforce with cover for personal accidents, group accidents, and stated benefits.

Don’t see what you need? Reach out to one of our dedicated accounts executives for personalised advice and products tailored to your specific needs.


Any questions?

It covers you for the loss of income as a result of damages hampering your farming operations and provides you with financial stability during challenging times.

This cover will ensure continuity for your farm by providing cover for lost income and increased expenses while you recover from unexpected setbacks.

This cover prioritises the well-being of your farm workforce, providing financial support in the event of personal accidents, group accidents, or stated benefits, fostering a secure and supportive working environment.

The more unique your services, the more tailored your cover should be. Whether you’re looking for insurance on a contingency fund, exploring self-insurance options,  or requiring a customised solution that is not readily available elsewhere, we excel in tailoring risk solutions to precisely meet your needs. Contact us, and we will provide the appropriate advice, tailor-fitted to your unique requirements.

Still unsure? We’d love to introduce ourselves.

Our philosophy is not based on obligation. We’d love to compare your existing insurance policy and highlight how to really get the best fit for you.